The History Of Detroit Community Schools
DCS History

Detroit Community Schools, A Public School Academy operates as a non-profit corporation and a governmental agency of the State of Michigan. DCS provides public education for grades Kindergarten thru twelve.  As a Michigan “charter school”, DCS does not charge tuition and is subject to the same teacher certification and other requirements as any other public school in the State of Michigan.

Mr. Bart Eddy and Ms. Candyce Sweda developed the concept for DCS and wrote the charter application.  The charter to operate a K-12 school was granted by SVSU on May 19, 1997. Detroit Community High School opened its doors in August of that same year. DCHS began operations in a rented elementary school building on Grandville Avenue in Detroit. With the dream of one day being a K-12 district, DCHS initially enrolled 21 kindergarteners, sixty 9th graders, and nineteen 10th graders.  Two years later, the first group of 20 seniors matriculated.  In 2001 a decision was made to close the Kindergarten and to concentrate on secondary education.  However, the dream of a K–12 district remained.

The needs of the growing school quickly exceeded the capacity of the leased facility.  In 2005 the Board of Directors secured financing for the purchase and renovation of a 120,000 square foot former industrial facility, located on nine acres, on Burt Road in Detroit.  The current DCS campus features a state of the art High School, modern modular buildings which house the elementary school, beautiful grounds and room for expansion.

A significant development in our history occurred when the Board was approached by SVSU in the summer of 2005 and asked to consider taking on a K-5 elementary operation that another public school academy was going to close.  While the challenges associated with this were significant, the opportunity to realize a dream deferred was too great to ignore.  In August of 2005 Detroit Community Elementary School began operation in Oak Park Michigan in a rented facility.  The following year DCES moved to the Burt Rd. campus.

Detroit Community Schools presently consists of a high school and an elementary/middle school, and serves approximately one thousand students in grades Kindergarten through Twelve

DETROIT, MI –In December 2013, after repeated one-year re-authorizations, the DCS Board of Directors directed staff to pursue other authorizer options. After responding to a Bay Mills RFP, DCS Board Members and staff were invited to make a presentation to at Bay Mills Community College at the end of May 2014.

On June 27, 2014, the Bay Mills Community College Board of Regents approved a five (5) year charter school contract with Detroit Community Schools. Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) had been DCS’ authorizer since its inception in 1997.