Wall Murals & Rock Carvings
About the Murals

Along with Johannes Matthiessen, our guest artist from Germany, DCHS students have created these masterful wall murals in the interior village classroom space.

Designed after the traditional house paintings of the West African culture, these beautiful decorated walls with their deep, rich color are an expression of the artistic bridge between the Creator Spirit and everyday village life.  In the Ghanaian village where Johannes worked in February 2007, the village King, Nana Kwahin, gave his voice to the world view of his culture when he said: "The greatest living artist is the Creator God who created all living beings on this earth and in the heavens.  We, too, are creators who are here to continue the work and transform it into a future piece of art.  That is our task."

Here at DCHS, our students have been building the cultural bridge through artwork.  What has begun to emerge is a sense for the Global Community whereby the interior classroom walls reflect the village and the Ancestors, while the exterior classrooms on the perimeter, with their "street lights', decpict the city.