Our Admissions Policy
Detroit Community Schools District follows open enrollment procedures required of all Public School Academies. Each year, students from over 60 different public schools, charter schools, home schools and private schools merge to create our educational community. This diversity, along with the various economic and cultural backgrounds, creates a rich and inspiring learning opportunity.

 It is our belief that family members play an integral role in every child’s education. We encourage all parents to support school events, become involved in the Parent Organization maintain regular contact with staff and to endorse the school’s mission and policies.

Detroit Community Schools, in accordance with state law, does not consider academic ability as criteria for enrollment.  Admissions are determined by a random lottery drawing held each year.  If student demand exceeds student space, applicants are placed on a wait list. The wait list status is determined by the grade applied for and the date and time the application is received.

In our effort to keep families together, Detroit Community Schools will give preference to siblings of currently enrolled students. All siblings seeking enrollment must complete an application. To be considered, the applicant must live in the same household as the currently enrolled student and be a biological sibling, a sibling by marriage or a court appointed sibling.  Proof of guardianship is required.