Food Services
Detroit Community Schools was approved for the Michigan Department of Education’s Community Eligibility Option. What this means is that all Detroit Community Schools’ students are entitled to free breakfast & lunch regardless of family income. In addition, students participating in the Extended Day Enrichment Program may also receive a free nutritious snack after regular school hours.
Please encourage your child to participate in this program.
Please note that breakfast is served from 7:00 AM until 8:00 AM prior to the start of school.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper Menus


Detroit Community Schools is pleased to announce our new food service vendor:  Detroit Public Schools Office of School Nutrition (DPS OSN).  Through the OSN, a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and supper will be served each day for all students. We are excited about the opportunity to provide our students with healthy, appealing, and tasty meals in support of their growing minds and bodies, and to promote their overall good health. 

Detroit Community Schools is approved for the Michigan Department of Education’s Community Eligibility Option, which means that all Detroit Community Schools’ students are entitled to free meals regardless of family income.

Special Meal Programs offered at DCS:

Universal Breakfast Program

Students in K-8 will participate in the Universal Breakfast Program.  Breakfast items are served in the classroom prior to the start of the school day.  Teachers eat with their students, fostering a connection with them during mealtime and as a role model for the importance of eating breakfast. Numerous studies continue to show a direct correlation between eating breakfast and improved learning, and overall student performance. 

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

DCS was awarded a grant with the Michigan Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) for the 2015-16 school year.  This program provides fresh fruits and vegetables four (4) days a week as a snack during the school day to students in grades K-5. The goal of the FFVP is to improve children’s overall diet and create healthier eating habits to impact their present and future health.  The FFVP will help DCS create healthier school environments by providing healthier food choices; exposing children to a variety of fruits and vegetables; and increasing children’s fruit and vegetable consumption.

Supper Program

A supper meal is offered to students after the regular school day, Monday-Friday.  Students who participate in after school enrichment, tutoring, or other school sponsored activities may eat dinner prior to engaging in their activity.