Student Support Services

Student Support Services


In October 2012 soon after being appointed Superintendent of Detroit Community Schools, Ms. McPhail established the Student Support Services unit. This action was taken to remove student discipline issues from the classroom thereby allowing teachers to focus on continuing the lesson: It includes combining student discipline function with attendance, social work, art therapy & guidance counseling services. When students are referred for allegedly violating the Student Code of Conduct, the Director or one of her designees investigates the incident and determines the appropriate course of action: punishment or referral for additional support services. “Punishment” includes

·      In School Suspensions

·      “Advanced Management Training”

·      Out-of School Suspensions (up to 5 days)

As of Spring 2013, the Student Support Services department includes:

·      The Director of Student Support Services

·      2 Guidance Counselors

·      1 Attendance Officer

·      2 Assistants to the Director

·      1 Dean (split between the high school and the elementary/middle school)

·      1 Social Worker

·      1 Art Therapist

·      2 Clerical Support staff 

Links to the DCS Dress Code, “DCS Procedures for Implementing the Student Code of Conduct” (Describes the penalties for violating the Student Code of Conduct) and the “Expulsions” memo that describes the offenses that can result in a student being expelled from DCS. These documents can be found below.